Michigan Hiking Videos

Backpacking With Kids: North Country Trail Nichols Lake to Condon Lake-from Graft Outdoors

Took the kids on a quick overnight backpacking trip on a section of the North Country Trail near Bitely, Michigan. We parked at Nichols Lake and then hiked about 3.5 miles to Condon Lake where we spent the night, and then hiked out the next morning. The kids did terrifically! And overall, it’s not a difficult stretch of trail and definitely able to be hiked by younger children. There are a lot of bugs as much of this trail alternates between hills and swamps, so I’d definitely recommend on bringing the bug spray here. We saw several different groups of campers and hikers, including a number of people mountain biking this section.

Backpacking the Manistee River Trail Loop May 2020-From Graft Outdoors

Backpacked on the Manistee River Trail loop this May. As it was Memorial Day weekend, the trail was super busy. It’s a beautiful trail, that can give you a decent work out at times. Arrived around 5:40 pm Friday night, and parked at Red Bridge. Hiked 5 miles on day 1, north on the Manistee River Trail section, so ‘counter clockwise’ compared to most. Most trekkers it seems opt to head north on the North Country Trail portion of the loop, and finish with heading south on the Manistee River Trail section. Finished on Saturday with a 15 mile hike on the remaining Manistee River Trail and then south on the North Country Trail.

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