Wildlife Webcams

When you can’t get out and experience the outdoors yourself, wildlife webcams can help! Here are a few places to find wildlife webcams. Do you know of a great wildlife webcam source? Send us a message and we’ll list it!

Wildlife Webcams


This is one of the oldest and most well-known wildlife webcam websites. They’ve grown over the years to now hosting 15 different webcams. You can see giraffes, zebras, hippos, lions, elephants, and more on their webcams.

ol Donyo Lodge Live

Tau Live


Explore.org has a huge catalog of wildlife webcams. Eagles, bird feeders, sharks, manatees, donkey barns, etc. Some of these webcams are seasonal based, showing highlight reels when the camera isn’t live.

While there aren’t as many wildlife webcams now as there were in the early 2000s when the internet became a thing, the two websites above have had an awesome track record of hosting webcams. Please go support them!

*Please note, we’re not being sponsored by any of these websites and the content on their websites is their sole property. We’re just helping you experience nature from your own home.

Benefits of Wildlife Webcams

In addition to observing animal behavior, wildlife webcams can also be used to track the population and health of certain species. For example, webcams near bird nests can help researchers monitor the number of chicks born and track the survival rate of fledglings. This information can be used to better understand and protect these species.
Another benefit of wildlife webcams is that they can serve as educational tools for people of all ages.
Many webcam sites provide additional information about the animals being observed, including their scientific name, habitat, and conservation status. This can help people learn more about the natural world and the importance of preserving it.
Wildlife webcams make an excellent conservation tool. Live streaming of the animals can increase awareness and interest in the species, which can lead to more funding for conservation efforts. Additionally, webcams can monitor poaching or illegal activities in the area, helping protect the animals from harm.
Wildlife webcams offer a unique and valuable way to experience and learn about nature. They can provide a window into the lives of animals, help us understand and protect them, and serve as an educational tool for people of all ages.

Why Wildlife Conservation Is So Important

Wildlife conservation is the protection and preservation of wild animals and their habitats. It is essential because wild animals play important roles in maintaining the ecological balance and biodiversity of the planet. Without conservation efforts, many species could become endangered or extinct, leading to imbalances in the ecosystem. Additionally, many cultures and indigenous communities rely on wild animals for food and other resources. Conservation also helps to protect and preserve the beauty and wonder of the natural world for future generations to enjoy. Efforts to conserve wildlife can include:

  • Protecting habitats.
  • Enforcing laws against poaching and illegal trade.
  • Educating the public about the importance of conservation.