Fishing Web Cams

Fishing web cams can be a great tool to use to plan a fishing trip. You can check local water conditions, see how many fishermen and women are targeting the area you’re viewing, or even see fish. Here are a few that we’ve been able to find.

Michigan Fishing Web Cams

Interested in fly fishing? Check out this post from discussing the zebra midge fly.

Berrien Springs Fish Cam-As of 1/15/2023, this webcam appears to be down. We will continue to monitor and update as possible. This was hosted by, but that website appears to be nonexistent at this time. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a back up solution currently.

Spy Glass Hill Web Cam-This web camera gives a great view of the pier at Holland State Park as well as the condition of Lake Michigan out of Macatawa Lake and the beach at Holland State Park. This webcam faces south. is a great webcam to check out the conditions of the south and north piers on Lake Michigan outside of Grand Haven. Great resource to check out before heading to Grand Haven to do some steelhead and salmon fishing off of the piers. This webcam faces north and you can see the south pier in detail.

Massive list of Great Lakes cams here. We do not claim whether they are active or not. Explore at your own risk.

Steelhead Fishing

Here are some steelhead fishing gear recommendations:

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Umpqua Live Fish Cam

Here’s a new fish webcam! This webcam is based in Roseburg, Oregon and is hosted by the Umpqua Fishery Enhancement Derby.

Have a fishing-related webcam you know of? Send us a message and we’ll get back to you.