Fishing Report 8-27-2023 Grand Haven Fishermen’s Pier

Fishing Report 8-27-2023 Grand Haven Fishermen's Pier

Fishing report for 8-27-2023 Grand Haven, Michigan. Read more Michigan fishing reports here. With the lake cooling down, we attempted to get out and get some late summer pier fishing done. Opted for the afternoon shift rather than fighting morning crowds for a space. And with kids going back to school…the evening isn’t as doable.

Fishing Report

It was a beautiful but breezy day. Lots of boats still in the water enjoying the second to last weekend of summer. Fished on the north pier in Grand Haven, lakeside. Opted to forgo the channel side due to all of the boat traffic. Used a combination of shrimp, jigs, and spoons. Had little success during the mid afternoon. Other groups of fishermen had the same result. One salmon had been caught off of the pier that morning, but it was slow for everything. Indeed, there weren’t any boats with fishermen out either. The one salmon caught was caught on an alewife. Both bait and game fish seemed to be limited in their numbers currently. Doesn’t appear that the salmon are staging for their fall run quite yet.


Waves were 1-2 feet out on the pier, aided by gusting winds. Wind was strong out of the north, with maybe a north-easterly direction. Clear skies, no clouds. Air temperature was mid-70s with a water temperature around 60 degrees. Other than the wind, it was a perfect day for fishing. Probably would have been a good day for inland lake fishing.

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The Michigan Department of Natural Resources publishes a pretty detailed fishing report weekly from around the state. You can find it here. Want to write fishing reports for us? Send us a message! Always looking for more reports.

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