Michigan Cancels Black Lake Sturgeon Season

Michigan Cancels Black Lake Sturgeon Season

Another casualty of the unusually warm winter here in Michigan is the Black Lake Sturgeon spearing season. February 2, the State of Michigan’s DNR announced that it would be canceling the 2024 Black Lake sturgeon season, slated to start February 4th.

This is primarily due to the lake of ice on the lake and the inability of the DNR to enforce harvest limits. While unfortunate, this is probably the best decision as sturgeon recovery efforts are still underway to reintroduce and stabilize populations that were decimated in the early 1900s.

Learn more about Lake Sturgeon here. And more about the State of Michigan sturgeon fishing seasons and guidelines here.

In other fishing news, should be a great weekend to get out and get some winter steelhead and trout fishing done.

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