Michigan Fishing Report-Bois Blanc Island 9-10-2023

Fishing in and around Bois Blanc Island without a boat is a pretty daunting task. The island, located in northern Michigan has several large lakes, and is surrounded by Lake Huron. Unfortunately, it features very shallow shores and very limited access from those shores. Here is our Michigan Fishing Report: Bois Blanc Island.

We fished here during the weekend of September 8 and September 10, 2023. The weather on September 8th was beautiful. September 10 saw cool and rainy skies, but nothing heavy.

Bois Blanc Township Marina

Since this was essentially the start of the off season, there was room to fish between the boats along the wharf. While there were some small fish (I believe young smallmouth bass), larger fish weren’t present until the end of wharf. That’s where I located this nice northern pike. A Rapala Deep Husky Jerk would be a great bet if you go out.

Northern Pike Caught On Bois Blanc Island

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Thompson Lake

Thompson Lake in the central part of Bois Blanc Island offers a nice fishing pier that’s easily accessible. As shown in the YouTube video above, the water around the pier is quite shallow and only features small perch. To the east end of the lake, there is deeper water which (supposedly) holds larger fish such as pike. We fished here on September 8th but had no success in limited time.

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Michigan DNR Fishing Report for 9-6-2023

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