Rogue River Park

Rogue River Park Kent County

Rogue River Park located in Kent County is a great opportunity to experience a beautiful river, wooded trails, and traditional city park amenities.

Rogue River Park Amenities

The park includes two entrances. The main entrance (also the trailhead for the White Pine State Trail) is located at 6240 Belmont Ave, Belmont, MI 49306. The second entrance, which includes the playground, bathrooms, and picnic shelter is located at 6300 Belshire Ave NE. The Belshire Ave NE entrance will also put you closest to the fishing areas. The picnic shelter is available for reservations and is located next to the playground and is near bathrooms. The park is quiet with ample woods and trails. The hiking trails at park consist of about 1.5 miles of trails that intersect with the White Pine State Trail.

Fishing At Rogue River Park

Rogue River Park offers several fishing opportunities. As it’s name suggests, the park is located along a portion of the Rogue River, just upstream from where the Rogue River meets the Grand River. There is ample wading access here, where you can catch the occasional smallmouth bass and a couple of species of trout. The park also offers a couple of ponds that appear to hold decent-sized bluegill. These are fairly easy to fish with a rod with and reel from shore. However, to fish the river, you will need to be prepared to wade.

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