4 Islands That You Can Kayak To In Michigan

Michigan offers a great opportunity for adventure enthusiasts to explore its waterways by kayaking. Moreover, you can even camp on several islands in the state that are accessible by kayaking. This is a wonderful way to enjoy a summer or spring kayaking and camping trip. Let’s have a look at 4 of the islands that you can kayak to and camp on in Michigan.

It’s important to note that most of these islands are located in the Great Lakes. Therefore, sea kayaks are a minimum requirement, and it’s advisable to have PFDs (these are a requirement) and emergency equipment such as a marine radio before setting out. Conditions in the Great Lakes can become quite dangerous and change rapidly.

Government Island-Les Cheneaux Islands

One of the 36 islands located in the Les Cheneaux Islands group off the coast of the Upper Peninsula in Lake Huron is Government Island. Although many of the islands are private, Government Island is part of the Hiawatha National Forest and is open for camping and other recreational activities. The best way to reach this island is by heading out of Cedarville. Check out this article from uptravel.com about other activities and information you can do when you visit the Les Cheneaux Islands.

Government Island-Huron-Manistee National Forest

Yes, there are at least two Government Islands in Michigan. One of them is situated on the Manistee River, between the Tippy Dam and Hodenpyle Dam. It’s a highly popular area for camping and hiking, especially during summer months. However, finding a suitable campsite can be challenging due to the high demand. The island can be accessed from Government Landing, and as part of the Huron-Manistee National Forest, it allows dispersed camping. You can reach Government Island via recreational canoe or kayak, but please ensure that you prioritize safety while doing so. Reserve a campsite at Government Landing and make it a weekend.

Grand Island

Grand Island off of the coast of Munising in Michigan’s Upper Peninsual and near Pictured Rocks is an adventurer’s paradise. Officially, it’s called the Grand Island National Recreation Area and is open to a large number of activities such as kayaking, hiking, camping, and backpacking. The isand sits in Lake Superior and is about half a mile off of the coast of Munising. There is a ferry which runs from the mainland to Grand Island, which you could transport your kayak and camping gear on. However, when the weather is good, it is possible to paddle a sea kayak out to Grand Island. Please note that Lake Superior is essentially always cold. Wetsuits and sprayskirts are good ideas.

Power Island

Power Island is a beautiful island situated in Grand Traverse Bay. It can be reached only by boat from Bower’s Harbor Marina and Clinch Park Marina. The island requires campsite reservations through Grand Traverse County. There is fresh water available on the island, and a trail system is in place, which makes it an ideal weekend destination that can be explored in a day or two. Power Island also has an interesting history, with famous personalities such as Henry Ford among its previous owners.

Conclusion: 4 Islands That You Can Kayak To In Michigan

Kayaking to islands and then camping on them is a great way to spend a weekend in Michigan. We think that these 4 of the islands that you can kayak to in Michigan for doing this! While there are a few other islands that are somewhat reachable via kayak, these are the safest to reach directly without ferrying your kayak to the island.

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