Bush Bay Trail (Narnia Trail)

Bush Bay Trail (Narnia Trail) Lamp Post

Bush Bay Trail, also known as Narnia Trail, in the Eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan is an amazing hike. It’s located on Bush Bay, along the shores of Lake Huron, just east of Cedarville. Bush Bay Trail is one of the premier trails in all of Michigan. Climbing over rocks and through cedar swamps certainly adds a magical touch to this hike. You might feel as though you could come across a faun at any point! This is an incredibly family-friendly trail. Kids are going to love the boulders and wildflowers. Adults are going to appreciate the serene air (Ok, the boulders are fun for adults too). And of course, the lampost is a favorite sight.

The trail features a large amount of moss-covered dolomite boulders that make it almost magical to explore. It’s about a four mile round trip hike. However, the trail does connect to the nearby John Arthur Woollam Nature Preserve, meaning that you could hike for quite a bit further than four miles.

There is a lot of wildlife to see and hear in Bush Bay. Pileated woodpeckers, deer, frogs, gulls, and assorted ducks in the bay will keep you entertained. Wildflowers abound here too. The trees are a mix of cedar trees and pine trees, and there are some beautiful birch trees to see (a personal favorite).

Getting There

Located in Clark Township, Bush Bay Trail is about 45 minutes east of St. Ignace (Here’s a Google Maps pin to navigate to). The parking lot is a nondescript lot just off of M-134. There’s literally nothing marking it as the trail head. There are also no bathrooms located at this trail head-so keep that in mind when planning your trip. Cell service can be spotty, though we had ample Verizon coverage on our hike here.

What To Bring

Planning on hiking the Bush Bay Trail? Here’s a few things to bring.

  • Camera. Bring a camera-this natural area offers several opportunities for stunning photos.
  • First Aid kit. There are wet rocks, and it’s a bit remote. Make sure you’ve got some bandages, and perhaps an ankle wrap and moleskin packed. Just in case.
  • Water. Water is important on any hike, and especially on a hike where the trail can go on and on, it’s always a good idea to make sure you’ve got water. Consider a hydro pack, such as the Osprey Syncro 12.

Bush Bay Trail

This trail should definitely make your Michigan hiking bucket list. And since it’s not far from St. Ignace, it would be an easy hike to add on to just about any Upper Peninsula trip. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to follow all of our adventures. Always adventure safely. Be prepared for emergencies, and know your surroundings. Our goal is to help you explore Michigan and beyond, but you have to look out for your personal safety.

Reading More

While we love hiking and backpacking, we don’t write up every trail we adventure on. Be sure to check out besttrailstohike.com for more in-depth listings of hiking trails in the Midwest and beyond. Interested in kayaking this summer? Check out our kayaking safety tips. We want to help keep you safe and healthy on your outdoor adventures.

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