What to pack on an overnight backpacking trip

What Should You Pack On An Overnight Backpacking Trip?

  • Shelter
  • Sleeping System
  • Appropriate clothing
  • water bottle or hydration system.
  • A first aid kit.
  • headlamp or flashlight.
  • A map and compass.

Packing for an overnight backpacking trip can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the activity. You want to bring everything you need to have a comfortable and enjoyable experience, but you want to avoid overpacking and carrying around unnecessary weight. So, what should you pack on your overnight backpacking trip?

So what to pack?

First and foremost, you’ll need a good quality backpack. It should be large enough to hold all your gear but not so large that it’s difficult to carry. Look for a pack with comfortable shoulder straps and a hip belt, as these will help distribute the weight more evenly and make it easier to maintain.


Next, you’ll need shelter. This shelter could be a tent, a tarp, or a hammock. It just depends on your preferences and the conditions you’ll be facing. A hammock might be a good option if you’re camping in an area with lots of trees. A tent or tarp will provide more protection if you’re in an area with rocky terrain or exposed to the elements. Make sure it’s lightweight and easy to set up, whichever option you choose.

Sleeping System

You’ll also need a sleeping bag and pad. A good sleeping bag, such as the Sea to Summit Trailhead, will keep you warm and comfortable, even in cold temperatures. Look for one that has a temperature rating appropriate for the conditions you’ll be facing, and make sure it’s lightweight and easy to pack. A sleeping pad is also essential, as it provides insulation from the ground and helps keep you comfortable while you sleep.


In terms of clothing, you’ll want to bring layers. These layers will allow you to adjust your clothing as the temperature changes throughout the day and night. A base layer, middle layer, and outer layer are all critical. In addition to these layers, you’ll also want to bring a rain jacket, a hat, and a pair of good hiking boots or trail runners.

Other items to pack include:

You’ll also want to bring enough food for your trip and a stove and cookware if you plan on cooking your meals.

Finally, pack personal items such as toiletries and necessary medications.

You’re done!

Packing for an overnight backpacking trip can seem daunting at first. Still, with some planning and organization, you can ensure you have everything you need to have a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Just remember to pack light and bring only the essentials, and you’ll be well on your way to a successful backpacking adventure.

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